Why I started blogging

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. ~Jeff Jarvis

Staying in the home due to lockdown , having online classes and having nothing to do but just Netflix is quite boring right?

This is how my day goes and it is as boring as eating one food every day.

I thought of why not do something new and creative which will take me out of this boredom. Then came the thought of blogging where I will be able to do something exciting and connect with new people.

Blogging is an effective way to interact with people, me being an introvert person not by choice (hehaha) always wanted people to interact with me , I have always been one to love giving and taking advice.

Blogging helps in:

  • meeting people all over the world
  • helping others
  • having a calmer lifestyle
  • gaining new valuable skills

Before we start writing a blog we have to research a lot about how to write ,what content to write and how to simplify and share.

Blogging will help me in confronting my fear.

Pinning my thoughts and ideas and making the world know is a great thing about bogging.

It is astounding influence to the life of people and impact their choices. I have a very good habit of reading and when I read some blogs some of the bloggers inspired me by their articles and impacted my choices.

This is when I started to think about starting a blog to share some of my knowledge and thoughts. This makes me connect you all and also helps us to grow by knowing and sharing interesting stuff.

15 thoughts on “Why I started blogging

  1. A well written article just goes on to say how organized the person’s thoughts are in her head. This post speaks how well organised your thoughts are!

    And taking the first step for blogging in itself requires immense courage. Cos you’re inviting the World to read into your thoughts and judge and criticize you . So , congratulations on taking your first step and wish you all the very best! 😊

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