Once I was going through the clothes in my closet and soon realized that my closet was overloaded and I cannot fit new stuff into it [ It was going through the law of diminishing marginal utility ] Leave about fitting new stuff I wasn’t wearing half of my clothes which are there.

That is when it struck my mind that having so many but not wearing was such a waste? I was so excited to buy a new dress as I was bored with the old ones but then after seeing the mess I gave up my idea and realized that I should rather work on what I have than on something new.

Thats when it popped my head of being Minimalistic. Woahoo , so much peace I tell you.

I threw some of the clothes which were not needed [ So hard damn it! ] and kept the ones necessary.

This one incident made me realize that I should not buy unnecessary things if I wont really use it.

  • Oh forgot to tell one useful tip I took for this is:

1) The transfer logic: Think that you are transferring to other place and pack your items in boxes labelling the ones as “needed” and “not needed”. One of the best ways to clear the clutter and also keep the items is this. Well trust me you wont even touch that box for ages.

So that’s my story for transformation of being a minimalist , what’s yours?

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