Self love, as the name suggests is loving yourself infinitely.

This topic is so much related to me. I never knew what was self love until there was a phase where I had no friends to interact with. It was due to my introvert character why I could not get close to them and they never showed up and understood.

I used to talk to my father about this everyday and he was the one who told me that you should love yourself and never cry for other’s love.

That was when I started to love myself. Whenever I used to feel depressed or feel that there was no one for me I used to use the think what my father told and it helped a lot . I came out of that phase soon.

I used to talk to myself (thinking of it is funny right but it is actually a remedy) taking out all my anger slowly I became a close friend of myself. It also helped me overcome my introvertness and talk to everyone.

Self love is a very great remedy and it helped me overcome my loneliness. Self love is a great remedy and a positive feeling about yourself to be happy and I recommend everyone who dint give it a try to think on it , it will give you a lot of peace.

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