Hey Guys today I am going to share another experience story that one should be aware of.

Few days ago where I rented out my home on a very popular online app. Just after posting the ad in few seconds , received three random calls from army men stating that they are ready to buy the house and pay the deposit amount immediately. At that moment something felt fishy that without even seeing the house they agreed to pay the deposit which is not a small amount , it was 50K.But on the other side was super happy as was able to rent the house so quickly , that too in the Pandemic phase.

When called to ask all the three people if they want to check the property , all of them said they were from army and that lot of people were being shuffled and shifted to Hyderabad for work . My Family and I were a little skeptical but still fell in shit.

Then one man out of the three told to confirm him first and that he will be sending his KYC and Army card which he actually did. Then was a little relieved that okay its true and that he is going to be the tenant. Then he told that he has already told his army payment department team and that they will be processing the deposit in sometime. I was like ok and was waiting for the call from department. After sometime I again called to check and he told that I have shared your number and that they will be calling you. I said ok and waited for his call. After a few minutes received a call from unknown number and he told they are calling from the Army dept. on behalf of Mr.XYZ. I was like yes tell me and he told that he was told to process the deposit amount of 50K. I told yes 50K and he asked for another number which has WhatsApp and I asked and he told some shit that initially he will send 1rs and then release entire amount and bla bla and without wasting time I gave the number which has WhatsApp. Then he asked how to send the amount and I told same number just do Gpay. He told if I use PhonePe and I agreed , so he told he will be sending through it. I agreed and he told that he has sent on the WhatsApp number some message and I confirmed on the same . After 2 minutes being on call he told he has send some Scan Code message on WhatsApp and told to scan on the parent number on which I need the amount. I understood immediately that this is some deep Scam Shit that I have already got into. I also sarcastically played around with him stating that I have scanned the code and then he told to accept that 1rs , and I told I accepted and then he told does 1rs reflect in your account and I agreed on that as well , and then he was like press on successful and I told I did. He was like ma’am accept it as I can see you have not yet pressed on successful. I was like hello Mr. do a direct transfer if you want. Dont play around with me , this scan and crap is just not happening.

He says firmly that it is the rule of Army and it goes as per the protocols. Army wont release this huge money directly. I disconnected the call on his face and called the Scammer Tenant and he being super sweet tells that “sister” you wouldn’t have had Army tenants before right, in army its like this only. I was like sorry but this payment shit is super confusing and I cant continue and I disconnected the call on his face also. Called the other army guy and told him that scanning payment and shit is not happening and he also tells the same crap that I don’t know ma’am what your talking about but payment is usually done by separate department then I told sorry not happening and disconnected the call.

I that minute realized that all learnings go for a toss when we are in some problem. I always told myself that before reacting in any situation emotionally when you are in a problem its the “presence of mind” which is very important. But in this situation when I sat back after all the calls and joined the dots I thought it was so easy. I mean when 3 people called with the same god damn story , if I was vigilant enough I wouldnt have wasted my time and energy in this trap shit.

To again confirm I called one of my relative uncle who is a retired army Colonel, I told him briefly what happened and he told to share the numbers.

When uncle called the scammer tenant about his designation he told he is RFN(Rifleman) which uncle told is the lowest designation. His salary would not be something for which he would afford the kind of rent every month that’s quoted. Asked in detail as to where he is being shifted in Hyderabad and he disconnected the call. And the other chap the department guy tells that he is a Commander and when asked few details in depth he stumbled and disconnected the call.

We immediately contacted the company where we published the ad and registered the complaint about the numbers and they told they will block these numbers so that others wont face such problems.

Proud of our Indian Army but these fraudsters are so useless and jobless to ruin everything.

Earning money is very important and in this pandemic period its getting very difficult for all. But thinking of earning money in no time and by all this illegal means will get you nowhere.

The Winner says it may be difficult but it is possible;

Loser says it may be possible but it is too difficult.

Here winners can be considered as people who strive hard 24/7 to earn money and losers’ are the fraudsters who try to earn money in no time.

So here are some things that you need to be careful about:

So before concluding , friends this is something I have shared as you all will be aware, and that you will be bold if you get into such situation and play around with such scammers and educate all your dear ones.

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