As college students, we have a lot of plans- the madness with friends, parties, traveling, etc. I being a second-year student also had a lot of plans but this Covid snatched away all my college life.

Last year there would have been my semester practicals but who knew that this “LOCKDOWN” was coming up and everything got cancelled. I was super excited that no exams are there and later when they announced online classes I was so relaxed. After few months Covid became a nightmare that was never-ending and it was a Dejavu trap.

So let’s come to the purpose of why I shared this article. It’s mainly to share my views about the Lockdown if it’s beneficial for society and people or is of no importance.

I believe this has its pros and cons. Let us go through some of those:



Due to this pandemic, we can spend some more time with our family members. Colleges and Offices being shut due to lockdown gives us a chance to work from home and also spend time with our loved ones at home.

2)Extra curricular activities

Offline classes have been changed to online classes for students and everyone is working digitally. Therefore people can spend their quality time working on their hobbies, doing some online courses, learning new skills, etc. which can make you a better person and you might explore something new within yourself.

3) Covid Spread

Due to staying at our home for why we are “Covid”, we can give a lot back to society and mankind by making it spread more and more and making things worse. The very purpose of being a advantage is now becoming a disadvantage and nobody is realizing it.



Due to this lockdown majority of people are losing their jobs and are jobless searching for jobs. The below-poverty people are getting affected the most by not able to fulfill their necessities. Humanity is just going down every day.

2)Fall in Economy

The Share Market is just crashing and falling drastically. The fluctuations are very high and the investors are either earning from this or losing a lot from this.


Online classes have their plus and minus, my experience with online classes as compared to offline is:

  • There is a difficulty in understanding what they teach.
  • Offline classes are direct interaction with the teacher therefore it is interesting and engaging to learn.
  • Network issues are one of the biggest drawbacks.
  • Most people don’t have mobile, pc, tablets so it is difficult for them to attend the classes.

4)Losing loved ones

Last but not least many people are losing their loved ones due to COVID-19.

Every day there are lakhs of cases being reported and thousands of people dying which is just not a small number.

Covid-19 cases are increasing progressively and going out is not a safe choice. But people who are unemployed and unable to earn daily wages are getting affected the most. Initially, I used to think that when lockdown will be over, I will try going out meeting friends, and being safe, but now I believe your the safest if you’re at home.

If you ask me then this lockdown is a correct decision taken by the government only if people understand the motive behind it and be in control. But if the agenda of the problem itself is forgotten then this will be a dejavu and would never end.

It is not to get scared but it’s something everyone should be aware of and should understand. People who are at home and are earning are blessed and should be grateful but we also need to think about the people who are unable to earn and fulfill their basic necessities. They are simply dying and getting affected. So let’s do our bit and make this mother earth a better place for every divine being.

There is a very beautiful video and positive takeaway by Sadhguru baba which I loved.

Don’t confuse your life with lifestyle.

Life is precious, lifestyle is not


If we strictly follow everything and do our bit then cases will automatically decrease and we all can live our previous lifestyle or rather a better lifestyle. People who don’t understand this and want this present entertainment are not only risking themselves but many others also.

Everybody has problems in life. It’s inevitable. But it is you who has to decide if you want to be a part of the problem by raising it more and more and gaining nothing or be a part of the solution by being happy and let others live happily.

So I have decided to be happy How about you? Share your ideas and views in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “COVID LOCKDOWN (Y/N)

  1. Lockdown or no lockdown, brainless spines are going to roam around without following the guidelines and spread the infection.

    While lockdown is a economic disaster, no lockdown is a public health disaster.

    In my opinion, rather than imposing lockdown, they should impose stricter rules like ensuring people wear masks in public, follow social distancing norms, no mass gatherings, etc. And people flouting these norms to be fined heavily, funds which can be used to treat COVID patients.

    Lockdown is just a temporary solution. What good has last year’s lockdown done? Nor will this year’s lockdown do. The moment lockdown is over, people are going to step out in masses, flout the norms, spread the infection and “Voila! We have our third wave”

    So rather than imposing lockdown resulting in a devastating economy, impose rules in public and keep the economy running.

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  2. 🙌 True, lockdown has had us affected in different ways, the plain more sloped towards the negative side. In my case I had started off 2020 with a resolution of travelling to 20 different places, and the rest is history.
    Staying within 4 walls was never my forte, and I wish this be over soon, so that I can go out again, enjoy new places, click some pictures, make memories, try local cuisines. 😌🤘🤘

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