In the previous blog I wrote about digital media where I told that we have to use it for less time, but saying that I am the one always being stuck with the phone or laptop for the blog purpose, and never take a break due to this my usage of the phone is high(5-6 hours a day).

So I took a break for a day where I dint use any digital media, my sister also gave me a company.

2nd JULY 2021

This was the day when we started our day without digital media.

There were many activities which I and my sister planned the day before which we could do to pass the day like:





As planned we helped mom during lunch and played games like pachisi which was very fun.

For those who don’t know about pachisi, it is an Indian game that dates long back to the pages of mythology similar to Ludo.

That day was the one where offline games won over the online games,

The happiness of ours won over the happiness we get in watching YouTube videos,

The talk with our family won over the WhatsApp and Instagram chat.

Trust me it was not very easy at times I was tired of all this and thought of quitting it but then I thought am I so addicted and so confidence built up in me and I continued my day without digital devices.

Slowly the time flew by and it became 8:30 in the night, then we finally took our phone, and before sleeping when I saw the total time used for the whole day (at 11:00) it was 1hr 25 min only. I was shocked, the person who uses her phone for 5-6 hours a day only used it for 1hr 25 min isn’t it shocking?


This is where I can see how much time I have used for a day

1)How much time I use normally:

2)During no digital day:

Following no digital day, every day is not possible but I am planning to follow it at least once a month. So what about you guys will you try it?


  1. If you continuous using digital device, it is advised to give 5 minute rest to eyes by looking greenary 20 meter away after every 20 minutes.
    Well good thinking to keep away yourself from digital media for a day.

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  2. You spent a great day buddy…really, Digitalization has deeply affected us during thiz lockdown tym… U’ll be shock to know tht my screen tym is abt 7-8 hrs a day…i must spend a day like u😍😍

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  3. Being a bookworm and having lots of studying to do keeps me away from screens. Meeting friends physically, If possible is a great way of spending the day off social media too. Loved this one!❤️

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  4. I do a lot of digital time too but its mainly for work. I don’t think I’m addicted cause I can go off for a long off the social media radar for like 4days, then I’d return. People would be like: Are you okay and I say, “just peachy”.
    But I did used to take a week off social media deliberately months ago…I wonder what happened.

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