Anger Management

When I was a child I used to get angry very often for very silly reasons like:

1)Not getting my favorite food

2)For being stopped from playing as I used to skip my homework(in total for not getting what I want)

and I used to let out my anger on my mother and sister.

This ruined my entire mood therefore I tried something which helped me control my anger.

Here are the few tips that I didn’t surf from net and are solely experienced by me which I would love to share with you.


I have observed this many times with myself and also with others that when we are in a hurry, and things don’t usually happen in our favor, we get angry (or) irritated, expecting things will change after that but everyone knows the result will be the same.

Therefore, being calm and composed even in rigorous situations helps our mind stay focused and we can handle things easily.


When someone makes me angry/I get angry I think: is it necessary to get angry or we can handle the situation in control.

If it is a very small reason and you feel it doesn’t require your energy and time pass it, but if you think there is a reason then of course you can’t stop yourself.


  • Employee-boss relation: Boss has to be angry sometimes and it’s ok. Their action doesn’t always require your reaction. Remember that.
  • Small fights with friends, sister handle calmly don’t get angry as it may harm your health and also spoil your relationship with the other person.

3)Ignore if someone tries to make you angry

This may seem a bit funny but if you try it, trust me you will feel a lot of difference.

When a person tries to make you angry simply ignore that person, as getting angry at him will have no benefit for him but will only harm you so it is better to ignore him.

Ignoring a person may be harmful sometimes as the other person may get more frustrated so be careful with that.

  • If a person is someone from your family member, close to you then calmly tell them that their way of behavior affects you when they are bit relaxed and that it’s not good for their health as well.
  • If a person is a stranger or it is a one-time incident it is better to ignore and move on.

The above pointers have 2 benefits:

  • Ignoring the person or dealing with the person calmly makes the other person also calm, as he/she will think that his/her anger is having no impact on you.
  • Helps you stay calm/peaceful throughout the day.


This was done by me when I just started to control my anger. Whenever I used to get angry I used to think of god and do meditation to make myself calm.


I am not telling you to control anger as I also get angry and it’s very natural.

Controlling anger can lead to severe diseases like heart attack, bronchitis and also there is a saying:

You cannot be god all the time.

Sometimes it is necessary to be angry

Irving Stone

But excess anger can be damaging so don’t stop or don’t exceed just be in the limits.

Anger is an emotion just like all other emotions but it does have a negative impact if not kept to its limit.

Type a comment on when you lost your anger poorly and how did you overcome the situation.

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