Covid symptom: Bad handwriting

When I had college, I used to focus on my handwriting as I knew that nice handwriting is the best way to impress teachers, so while writing exams I tried my best to keep my handwriting as neat as possible.

But when the lockdown started, due to online classes my habit of writing was negligible. The amount of time I used to spend writing notes, records during college started decreasing.

I am a science student and for practical exams, we have to write on paper even if it’s an online exam. I noticed a change in my handwriting during exam time. Now when I start writing anything, I am shocked by seeing the change which took place.

This happened not only to me but to many of my friends.

When I was thinking of it these are few things that I came across;

1)Writing everyday:

Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.

Jules Renard

I am preparing for my exams which are helping me write every day, and also not lose my grip on writing.

Write at least 1 page every day of whatever topic you want, or if you’re too lazy to write 1 page at least try writing half-page as this will help.

2)Don’t rush

While writing doesn’t rush, as it will not improve your writing but it’ll rather spoil it. Whenever you are free you can make this your busy bee task.

3)Change won’t happen suddenly

Change won’t happen in one day it’ll take time. As you have not written for a long time, so it’ll take time to get back your neat handwriting, so till then have patience.

This is a very short blog but I have wanted to write about this for a long time. I hope students can relate to this and if yes do comment down your incidents that made you feel so.

10 thoughts on “Covid symptom: Bad handwriting

  1. The same happened with me too buddy… And now it seems tht I’ve lost my original handwriting…but as mentioned above i’ll definitely try to get it back✨✨

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  2. I have this friend who deliberately writes in awful handwriting in order to hide her mistakes.
    In college, our teacher goes with the concept of try to write as much as possible.
    Though, this was before pandemic hit.
    Excellent point for improving handwriting.

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    1. I also previously sometimes used to write in awful handwriting to hide the mistake I’ve made but later realised that teachers hate that and sometimes deduct marks due to that so I changed my style.
      Thanks for the compliment 😊


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