Can people have the right to control others?

What would your reaction be if someone tries to control your life? You would try to go against them, but what if that someone is stronger or has authority and you can’t go against them?

If you can’t go against then you try to escape from them, as our mind is built in such a way that we don’t want anyone else to control our lives, and the thinking is correct as every person should live their lives of their own.

Now after seeing the word “escape” you would have thought about why she wrote that word, as people in today’s generation are not avoiding but fighting for justice.

Recently I read the news, where I found Afghans helpless. They are not able to do anything, as their lives are being controlled by the Taliban.

Afghanistan fell into turmoil after the Taliban seized power in the country by capturing city by city in just 10 days. Since the fall of Kabul over the weekend, scenes of chaos have unfolded as thousands tried to flee, fearing a return to the brutal regime of the Taliban that ended 20 years ago.

After they also took over the military control, people are scared and trying their best ways to escape and save their lives.

People in urgency try to cling to the flight as they are not finding any seats inside and eventually fall off.

People don’t want to live their lives under the influence of someone else as they do not feel secure so they try their best to get out of the situation.

Not only them but we also have the same perception.

Now some people have the right to control us :

  • Family members: If they stop you from doing something, you should think of it as they tell you for your good, and then if you still think what you are doing is correct, you should try to convince your parents, but not think that they are trying to control your lives.
  • Teachers: They teach you good values but they never try to control you.

People cannot have authority over others and each individual has their freedom, that’s what our government says what do you think guys let me know your opinion in the comment section.

14 thoughts on “Can people have the right to control others?

  1. Yes, I think everyone can relate to this but the worst thing is we can’t really tell how we are being controlled as it always comes in a facade.

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