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Failure is the way forward

When we cannot do a particular task or we fail on something some give up easily but others do not give up and strive hard to get to success. The latter are called winners and the formers are called losers.

Whenever we think about success we never link it with failure. However, the truth is to achieve success we have to go through failures.

For instance, if we take Elon Musk we remember him as the CEO of the famous company Tesla and SpaceX. However, we don’t know that he was a college dropout and a fired CEO in the gigantic company. Similarly, Bill Gates who was a high school and Harvard dropout, with a failed traffic monitoring company who was accused of stealing from a rival. Today, he’s rich enough to give half of his wealth to others.

“FAILURE is not the opposite of success.

It’s a part of SUCCESS.”

Therefore for achieving success, we have to go through failures and if we accept this “fact” then we are already “successful”.

If you have seen people around you being successful then don’t be depressed by seeing their success but you can also think that they have gone through a lot of failures before achieving success.

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