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Jealousy vs Envy

When I was in school I used to get envious of my friend. Due to my jealous nature, I started saying bad about that girl to others, hoping that they will start talking to me as closely they were with her.

Back then I was mad, but now when I recall all those, I laugh at myself thinking how stupid I was😜.

Many people get confused or misuse the two terms “Jealous” and “Envy”.


Jealousy - are you the one feeling jealous?- LIV AHEAD

It is a kind of feeling that develops with something that you have in life, be it a thing or a person and you are threatened by a third party.

If you’re jealous, that means you are scared about losing something you already have.

Eg: I am jealous as my friend got a new best friend.


Envy is a feeling which occurs when you lack what the other person has.

Eg: good grades, good looks, good salary, being rich.

I still get jealous sometimes, and getting jealous proves how close I am to that person.

I think everyone would have gone through a phase of jealousy or envy. Do share your story if you have any. Would love to read it.😉

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