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As she lost her loved one…

How to deal with the feeling of loss when you are grieving the death of a loved  one - Times of India

An introverted girl of 10 years who was always shy with outside people used to mingle with her family easily. She always loved her family’s company and due to this closeness, she never used to hide anything from them.

They were all happy and lived a peaceful life until that one day, that one incident that changed their whole life. They lost one of their close ones. Due to this entire family was affected.

The little girl was not able to digest the fact that she lost someone, and started blaming GOD for his death, as a few days flew by she started missing him,cried for him, was talking to herself about her day to day life, important things hoping he was listening to her.

When we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind

The girl always used to recall all the memories which she had with her father, the pictures and videos of him, which she used to see every day. This made her feel that he was with her and never left her.

All of a sudden the young kid made up her mind of “never being depressed” and never told anyone a word about this. She realized that being depressed won’t change anything. So she thought of working hard and making her family proud and also, she knew that if she would settle in a good position, then her father would be proud of her.

The girl became strong from both outside and inside, and started working hard for achieving her dreams, and is still on her pathway. She understood that her father won’t be happy by seeing her sad so, she took the way through which her father would be proud of her.

There is a very deep meaning hidden inside this story. I want my audience to comment on what thought have you understood from this story.

12 thoughts on “As she lost her loved one…

  1. Loved ones may leave physically but always with us like GOD.

    With the above tought we can see the future in pragmatic way and fullfill ours and loved ones dreams.

    Wishing sucess in all walks of life.

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