Caste, Color, and Creed

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Today I am going to address a topic that I know is a very common topic and many have addressed this but this is an issue that is still being faced and yet not stopped. So I thought why not talk about it.

Nowadays people are judged based on their caste, color, and creed. Small kids are discriminated from other kids if they are poor or from a different caste and they do not understand why this is happening at that small age.

When you judge people based on their physical appearance, caste and creed you are not only humiliating them but you are also humiliating yourselves by doing so.

Caste, color, and money are all the attributes that are created by humans. It was not their in-born attributes. If they have a different caste doesn’t mean they are not humans. If they are poor doesn’t mean they are not humans. They are all humans like us and they are all born with the same eyes, face, and ears.

People treat them as they are different, they came from a different planet and avoid them. There are many cases also which have been reported in different countries where people have been treated allegedly based on their color, caste, and creed.

People should be judged based on their character on how they treat others but not on their physical attributes because sometimes rich people also have bad character.

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