As she lost her loved one…

An introverted girl of 10 years who was always shy with outside people used to mingle with her family easily. She always loved her family’s company and due to this closeness, she never used to hide anything from them. They were all happy and lived a peaceful life until that one day, that one incidentContinue reading “As she lost her loved one…”

Behavioral disorders in children

As a child, I used to always be fed up, get angry about small things, just to get the thing I need from my parents. My parents were smarter than me. They understood why I was behaving like that and got me the things that were necessary only. This is what is called “Parenting”. ThereContinue reading “Behavioral disorders in children”

The life of a science student

Hey, so today I being a science student want to share with you an incident which took place. This happened to me very recently, where we had to perform an experiment regarding tissue culture in our lab, which we did but the result dint come as expected. As per the experiment the result won’t comeContinue reading “The life of a science student”

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

Our way of thinking, how we analyze any situation affects the way we feel, can affect what we try to achieve, and indirectly our lives. Even if we do not care much about it but this is a situation to be concerned about. Fixed mindset vs growth mindset Recently I had faced a situation whereContinue reading “Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset”

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