The life of a science student

Hey, so today I being a science student want to share with you an incident which took place. This happened to me very recently, where we had to perform an experiment regarding tissue culture in our lab, which we did but the result dint come as expected. As per the experiment the result won’t comeContinue reading “The life of a science student”

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

Our way of thinking, how we analyze any situation affects the way we feel, can affect what we try to achieve, and indirectly our lives. Even if we do not care much about it but this is a situation to be concerned about. Fixed mindset vs growth mindset Recently I had faced a situation whereContinue reading “Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset”

Can people have the right to control others?

What would your reaction be if someone tries to control your life? You would try to go against them, but what if that someone is stronger or has authority and you can’t go against them? If you can’t go against then you try to escape from them, as our mind is built in such aContinue reading “Can people have the right to control others?”

Covid symptom: Bad handwriting

When I had college, I used to focus on my handwriting as I knew that nice handwriting is the best way to impress teachers, so while writing exams I tried my best to keep my handwriting as neat as possible. But when the lockdown started, due to online classes my habit of writing was negligible.Continue reading “Covid symptom: Bad handwriting”


In the previous blog I wrote about digital media where I told that we have to use it for less time, but saying that I am the one always being stuck with the phone or laptop for the blog purpose, and never take a break due to this my usage of the phone is high(5-6Continue reading “STORYTIME#2: ONE DAY WITHOUT DIGITAL MEDIA”

Excess Usage Of Digital Media

The internet has probably been man’s greatest invention, which created a virtual world that can be credited as a huge human accomplishment. There have been several advancements in digital media: both hardware and software. No one can deny the fact that the impact of digital media is quite noticeable in our society, and you sureContinue reading “Excess Usage Of Digital Media”

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