Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to complete more in a shorter period with low stress and leads to success.

I inculcated the habit of making a to-do list recently and it worked very well for me. The tasks which I used to postpone before, or forgot and accumulated till the end putting an allotment on it, now I am pushing myself and doing it.

Tips on time management:


  • Set Specific Goals-Your goal must be clear and well-defined.
  • Set Measurable Goals-Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. Try rating yourself every day on how much you feel you have progressed on your goal.
  • Set Attainable Goals-Make sure that it’s realistic and achievable.
  • Set Relevant Goals-Make sure your goals are relevant and required to be achieved.
  • Set Time-Bound Goals-Set a timeline and consider it as a deadline. That will make you more focused and work towards it actively. e.g. Walk 30 minutes every day etc.


  • Start with the list
  • Determine the top priority-A priority if not completed today will lead to a significant consequence.
  • Rank others based on this category.
  • Repeat the process each day.


Set a time limit for every task you’re planning to do. When you do so you are making yourself ready for finishing the task at the given ample of time.

You can observe some pros when you follow these:


It can help you enhance your productivity by helping you to stay focused and committed to the critical tasks at hand. 

Setting a timer also helps with blocking out distractions and allows you to get more done in less time.


Don’t let the time allotted expand and fill your schedule. Set a specific time limit for each task and get to work.


Continuous work is not good for health. If we won’t take a break we will feel tired till the end of the day. Make sure you give breathing space(buffer) between tasks and it’s not airtight.

Taking breaks between tasks helps us feel more:

  • Healthier/fresh
  • Productive
  • Creative


If you organize yourself, you plan your work and activities in an ordered, efficient way.

“Organize your life around your dreams, and watch them come true.”


It is important to remove excess activities that add no value to your life.

Determine what is significant and deserves your time.

Removal of excess /unnecessary tasks frees up more time.


Plan your tasks and follow them every day.

It is not an overnight thing that you can achieve. This takes a lot of consistency and practice. You might make few mistakes initially while your planning, you may deviate, can come across unforeseen interruptions but don’t stress out, you will eventually learn and become much better.

I am working and trying to make myself better every day, hope this blog would help you and get you some insights.

Also, share your journey and the challenges you face. Let’s help each other and try to become a better version of ourselves.

Multitasking is ‘NOTHING’

Can you eat and talk at the same time? No right, in a similar way doing multiple things at the same time is impossible.

According to a study, it is said that doing multitasking either slows down the ongoing tasks or you’re going to start making mistakes.

I watch Tv and at the same time eat food which messes up everything. The plan of my day messes up. I cater 30 minutes for food according to my To-Do list which usually goes up to 1 hour. Doing two things at the same time is impossible and takes a lot of time than expected.

Not only this there are many cases where I tried doing multitasking but it never worked.

  • Watching mobile and tv at the same time: This will be common in every home. People on the Tv and watch mobile and when someone asks they say they are doing multitasking. But if you would have observed yourself during that period you would have been completely into your mobile and ignored tv or vise versa.

  • Checking your phone and email while doing other tasks: This is not called multitasking this is called distracting yourself from the important work.

Multitasking has a severe effect on the brain:

1)Impacts your short-term memory: While multitasking you have to focus on more than one task which can severely affect the brain.

2)Depression, anxiety, and decrease productivity:

Trying to multitask produces changes in the brain that can cause depression, anxiety and decrease productivity. In short, multitasking is bad for your overall mental health.

3)Causes more mistakes :

Multiple studies have found that multitasking causes people a long time to do tasks and can even have the same negative impact as losing a night’s sleep.

Some researchers suggest that multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40%.

Well, there is a very famous saying “When you talk to someone and do one more thing same time, you indirectly are giving that person less importance”.

When you give some time to think about the quote, it is so true right.

Let me share with you what I think. I have read a lot of books on this concept and there is one thing that many people are not aware of.

Do you know there is nothing called multi-tasking?

You either have “Switch task” or “Background Task”.

So let me just brief you on the same.

Switch tasking as we all know is when our attention is on different tasks that are not directly related to the same outcome. Our brain does not do so well switch tasking and there is a real cost to it. We always enjoy work in a state of flow because it no longer feels like work. This practice slows down a lot and kills productivity also.

Background tasking is when something automatically occurs in the background of an activity. This gets the maximum productivity. Let me give you an example of starting a load of laundry while you answer Email. Since the laundry doesn’t require your attention and is happening in the background.


In the present generation even though we try to do single-task but some situations force us to do multitasking. Let us see few situations where we don’t realize and do multitasking:

1)Reading emails and On a call with Colleague.

2)Listening to the training and taking descriptive notes.

You can try reducing this at your workplace by following these few tips.

1)Delegation of work

2)Use a machine for background tasking

Even though we can’t completely erode multitasking we can reduce this by putting some limitations:

1)Make a to-do list:

Create a daily schedule by putting a non-negotiable time for your work.

It can be as short as 20 min to as long as 70 min. By doing so you are putting a finish line to your task.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligence, planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

2)Schedule multiple breaks

Avoiding multitasking doesn’t mean avoiding breaks.

You need to have a break in the middle so that you can refresh yourself and refocus.

It’s very refreshing to go away and take a break, to clear your head, and just get into something else

Francois Nars

3)Make it clear that you won’t be distracted

No matter what make sure to stay focused on your work.

Keep yourself away from mobiles until you finish your deadline.

4)Designing a peaceful environment

Creating a peaceful work environment is beneficial to stay away from all the distractions beside you.

5)Block distracting websites-

While you are seriously focusing on your work there may be notifications popping out from websites that may be distracting. Therefore before starting work make sure to block all the notifications from the distracting websites which can increase your work time.

The advantage of single tasking over multiple tasking:

1)Helps you focus more

2)Takes less time

3)Reduces stress

4)Makes you more creative

5)Be more productive

As we’ve seen multitasking affects our brain and kills our productivity without even knowing it. If still not convinced let’s try a small activity.

Take a notebook and pen and write this:

  • S W I T C H T A S K I N G I S A T H I E F
  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

For the first time write the complete line at once. Like the first line “Switch tasking is a thief” and the second line i.e. numbers from 1 to 20

Again repeat the same but now first write one letter on top and corresponding to one letter in the bottom. For example, write the “S” on the top line and then “1” on the bottom, “W” and “2”, “I” and “3” etc.

Check the time for both the activity and you will understand how multitasking just kills our time and decreases our productivity.

Therefore let’s try to minimize multitasking as much as we can to live a happier life.

Let me know in the comments the time you spent on both the activities. Also, share your ideas and views and pass them to all the multitaskers who think they are doing something great.


As college students, we have a lot of plans- the madness with friends, parties, traveling, etc. I being a second-year student also had a lot of plans but this Covid snatched away all my college life.

Last year there would have been my semester practicals but who knew that this “LOCKDOWN” was coming up and everything got cancelled. I was super excited that no exams are there and later when they announced online classes I was so relaxed. After few months Covid became a nightmare that was never-ending and it was a Dejavu trap.

So let’s come to the purpose of why I shared this article. It’s mainly to share my views about the Lockdown if it’s beneficial for society and people or is of no importance.

I believe this has its pros and cons. Let us go through some of those:



Due to this pandemic, we can spend some more time with our family members. Colleges and Offices being shut due to lockdown gives us a chance to work from home and also spend time with our loved ones at home.

2)Extra curricular activities

Offline classes have been changed to online classes for students and everyone is working digitally. Therefore people can spend their quality time working on their hobbies, doing some online courses, learning new skills, etc. which can make you a better person and you might explore something new within yourself.

3) Covid Spread

Due to staying at our home for why we are “Covid”, we can give a lot back to society and mankind by making it spread more and more and making things worse. The very purpose of being a advantage is now becoming a disadvantage and nobody is realizing it.



Due to this lockdown majority of people are losing their jobs and are jobless searching for jobs. The below-poverty people are getting affected the most by not able to fulfill their necessities. Humanity is just going down every day.

2)Fall in Economy

The Share Market is just crashing and falling drastically. The fluctuations are very high and the investors are either earning from this or losing a lot from this.


Online classes have their plus and minus, my experience with online classes as compared to offline is:

  • There is a difficulty in understanding what they teach.
  • Offline classes are direct interaction with the teacher therefore it is interesting and engaging to learn.
  • Network issues are one of the biggest drawbacks.
  • Most people don’t have mobile, pc, tablets so it is difficult for them to attend the classes.

4)Losing loved ones

Last but not least many people are losing their loved ones due to COVID-19.

Every day there are lakhs of cases being reported and thousands of people dying which is just not a small number.

Covid-19 cases are increasing progressively and going out is not a safe choice. But people who are unemployed and unable to earn daily wages are getting affected the most. Initially, I used to think that when lockdown will be over, I will try going out meeting friends, and being safe, but now I believe your the safest if you’re at home.

If you ask me then this lockdown is a correct decision taken by the government only if people understand the motive behind it and be in control. But if the agenda of the problem itself is forgotten then this will be a dejavu and would never end.

It is not to get scared but it’s something everyone should be aware of and should understand. People who are at home and are earning are blessed and should be grateful but we also need to think about the people who are unable to earn and fulfill their basic necessities. They are simply dying and getting affected. So let’s do our bit and make this mother earth a better place for every divine being.

There is a very beautiful video and positive takeaway by Sadhguru baba which I loved.

Don’t confuse your life with lifestyle.

Life is precious, lifestyle is not


If we strictly follow everything and do our bit then cases will automatically decrease and we all can live our previous lifestyle or rather a better lifestyle. People who don’t understand this and want this present entertainment are not only risking themselves but many others also.

Everybody has problems in life. It’s inevitable. But it is you who has to decide if you want to be a part of the problem by raising it more and more and gaining nothing or be a part of the solution by being happy and let others live happily.

So I have decided to be happy How about you? Share your ideas and views in the comments below.


Writing a blog takes a lot of time right?

Every time I start writing a blog it takes a lot of time thinking what to write.

If you see my most addicted apps the top will be You tube. I watch it half of the day and never get tired of it. Once I was checking the stats for my blogs and found that the traffic for it is very low. Even after posting 5 blogs there was not much people who visited . I was very demotivated, so much that I wanted to quit word press.

As I loved watching You tube, I knew that it is a well known platform for expressing ourselves. So I thought why not start a you tube channel ?

I had content to publish in mind and I was so confident that it would be successful that I started working hard for it, worked the whole day to record and edit it but due to some camera positioning issue I couldn’t post it.

The next day I thought to record it once again but then my sister told that you don’t have any one fixed content as other you tubers and you want to upload videos, people wont watch it. She added, you just started writing blogs and its not much of a time to increase your trafficking so don’t be demotivated. If you post more blogs and promote is when people will know about you and they will start visiting.

I was so pissed of with blogs that I dint want to hear a word about it but reconsidering about it seemed a bit logical. I also read somewhere that after “Nothing worth having comes easy”

I stopped thinking of you tube and started focusing more on blogs. Erased my negative thoughts and started to think positive.

Always remember “Trust is knowing that we’re exactly where we are supposed to be in life , especially when it doesn’t feel like it”.

“Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

-Willie Nelson

In this lockdown due to online mode of working our lifestyles have changed and this makes us demotivated most of the times, but this lifestyle is not permanent ,it is temporary. We will get to our old lifestyle soon but till then we have to stay positive and motivated.

Have hope and stay positive folks .I know the situation due to Covid is very scary and Unpredictable. No matter how hard the situation around you is you need to decide if you should be a part of the “problem” or be part of the “solution”.

Remember that this will be end soon…


Hey Guys today I am going to share another experience story that one should be aware of.

Few days ago where I rented out my home on a very popular online app. Just after posting the ad in few seconds , received three random calls from army men stating that they are ready to buy the house and pay the deposit amount immediately. At that moment something felt fishy that without even seeing the house they agreed to pay the deposit which is not a small amount , it was 50K.But on the other side was super happy as was able to rent the house so quickly , that too in the Pandemic phase.

When called to ask all the three people if they want to check the property , all of them said they were from army and that lot of people were being shuffled and shifted to Hyderabad for work . My Family and I were a little skeptical but still fell in shit.

Then one man out of the three told to confirm him first and that he will be sending his KYC and Army card which he actually did. Then was a little relieved that okay its true and that he is going to be the tenant. Then he told that he has already told his army payment department team and that they will be processing the deposit in sometime. I was like ok and was waiting for the call from department. After sometime I again called to check and he told that I have shared your number and that they will be calling you. I said ok and waited for his call. After a few minutes received a call from unknown number and he told they are calling from the Army dept. on behalf of Mr.XYZ. I was like yes tell me and he told that he was told to process the deposit amount of 50K. I told yes 50K and he asked for another number which has WhatsApp and I asked and he told some shit that initially he will send 1rs and then release entire amount and bla bla and without wasting time I gave the number which has WhatsApp. Then he asked how to send the amount and I told same number just do Gpay. He told if I use PhonePe and I agreed , so he told he will be sending through it. I agreed and he told that he has sent on the WhatsApp number some message and I confirmed on the same . After 2 minutes being on call he told he has send some Scan Code message on WhatsApp and told to scan on the parent number on which I need the amount. I understood immediately that this is some deep Scam Shit that I have already got into. I also sarcastically played around with him stating that I have scanned the code and then he told to accept that 1rs , and I told I accepted and then he told does 1rs reflect in your account and I agreed on that as well , and then he was like press on successful and I told I did. He was like ma’am accept it as I can see you have not yet pressed on successful. I was like hello Mr. do a direct transfer if you want. Dont play around with me , this scan and crap is just not happening.

He says firmly that it is the rule of Army and it goes as per the protocols. Army wont release this huge money directly. I disconnected the call on his face and called the Scammer Tenant and he being super sweet tells that “sister” you wouldn’t have had Army tenants before right, in army its like this only. I was like sorry but this payment shit is super confusing and I cant continue and I disconnected the call on his face also. Called the other army guy and told him that scanning payment and shit is not happening and he also tells the same crap that I don’t know ma’am what your talking about but payment is usually done by separate department then I told sorry not happening and disconnected the call.

I that minute realized that all learnings go for a toss when we are in some problem. I always told myself that before reacting in any situation emotionally when you are in a problem its the “presence of mind” which is very important. But in this situation when I sat back after all the calls and joined the dots I thought it was so easy. I mean when 3 people called with the same god damn story , if I was vigilant enough I wouldnt have wasted my time and energy in this trap shit.

To again confirm I called one of my relative uncle who is a retired army Colonel, I told him briefly what happened and he told to share the numbers.

When uncle called the scammer tenant about his designation he told he is RFN(Rifleman) which uncle told is the lowest designation. His salary would not be something for which he would afford the kind of rent every month that’s quoted. Asked in detail as to where he is being shifted in Hyderabad and he disconnected the call. And the other chap the department guy tells that he is a Commander and when asked few details in depth he stumbled and disconnected the call.

We immediately contacted the company where we published the ad and registered the complaint about the numbers and they told they will block these numbers so that others wont face such problems.

Proud of our Indian Army but these fraudsters are so useless and jobless to ruin everything.

Earning money is very important and in this pandemic period its getting very difficult for all. But thinking of earning money in no time and by all this illegal means will get you nowhere.

The Winner says it may be difficult but it is possible;

Loser says it may be possible but it is too difficult.

Here winners can be considered as people who strive hard 24/7 to earn money and losers’ are the fraudsters who try to earn money in no time.

So here are some things that you need to be careful about:

So before concluding , friends this is something I have shared as you all will be aware, and that you will be bold if you get into such situation and play around with such scammers and educate all your dear ones.



Self love, as the name suggests is loving yourself infinitely.

This topic is so much related to me. I never knew what was self love until there was a phase where I had no friends to interact with. It was due to my introvert character why I could not get close to them and they never showed up and understood.

I used to talk to my father about this everyday and he was the one who told me that you should love yourself and never cry for other’s love.

That was when I started to love myself. Whenever I used to feel depressed or feel that there was no one for me I used to use the think what my father told and it helped a lot . I came out of that phase soon.

I used to talk to myself (thinking of it is funny right but it is actually a remedy) taking out all my anger slowly I became a close friend of myself. It also helped me overcome my introvertness and talk to everyone.

Self love is a very great remedy and it helped me overcome my loneliness. Self love is a great remedy and a positive feeling about yourself to be happy and I recommend everyone who dint give it a try to think on it , it will give you a lot of peace.



I being fan of gaming play tons of games and these games are so much magnetic that I could continue playing them day and night ! Damnn so addicted.

I was recently browsing through YouTube and at the homepage I could only see most gaming channels and gaming videos and in the trending section the game videos had so many channels , that’s when I understood online gaming is becoming most popular in this growing Era.

I watch a lot of gaming videos and they are never boring to watch . The live streaming of the gaming videos OMG always entertaining.

My some of the favorite games are:

  • Minecraft: All of the gaming youtubers play this. Though I never played this game but I love watching the videos. If you watch this game videos then you would definitely download the game and play it . That’s how they market and attract you to this game.
  • GTA-5: I frankly tell you I didnt play this game either but secretly admire this games by watching just videos hahaha. This game has a lot of stunts which actually is very addictive.

  • AMONG US: This is my game I’ve played so far which is an interesting logic game having superb map and characters.

At one moment after seeing these YouTube videos I thought of starting my own gaming channel but then I came out of the illusionary dream and thought of finally writing a blog about it.

The online mode replaced the outdoor games where kids used to play and at the same time maintain their health and physique.Online games make the kids being fit into fat in simpler words.

I love playing and watching gaming videos . What about you guys? If not tried check it out and have fun.


Once I was going through the clothes in my closet and soon realized that my closet was overloaded and I cannot fit new stuff into it [ It was going through the law of diminishing marginal utility ] Leave about fitting new stuff I wasn’t wearing half of my clothes which are there.

That is when it struck my mind that having so many but not wearing was such a waste? I was so excited to buy a new dress as I was bored with the old ones but then after seeing the mess I gave up my idea and realized that I should rather work on what I have than on something new.

Thats when it popped my head of being Minimalistic. Woahoo , so much peace I tell you.

I threw some of the clothes which were not needed [ So hard damn it! ] and kept the ones necessary.

This one incident made me realize that I should not buy unnecessary things if I wont really use it.

  • Oh forgot to tell one useful tip I took for this is:

1) The transfer logic: Think that you are transferring to other place and pack your items in boxes labelling the ones as “needed” and “not needed”. One of the best ways to clear the clutter and also keep the items is this. Well trust me you wont even touch that box for ages.

So that’s my story for transformation of being a minimalist , what’s yours?

Why I started blogging

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. ~Jeff Jarvis

Staying in the home due to lockdown , having online classes and having nothing to do but just Netflix is quite boring right?

This is how my day goes and it is as boring as eating one food every day.

I thought of why not do something new and creative which will take me out of this boredom. Then came the thought of blogging where I will be able to do something exciting and connect with new people.

Blogging is an effective way to interact with people, me being an introvert person not by choice (hehaha) always wanted people to interact with me , I have always been one to love giving and taking advice.

Blogging helps in:

  • meeting people all over the world
  • helping others
  • having a calmer lifestyle
  • gaining new valuable skills

Before we start writing a blog we have to research a lot about how to write ,what content to write and how to simplify and share.

Blogging will help me in confronting my fear.

Pinning my thoughts and ideas and making the world know is a great thing about bogging.

It is astounding influence to the life of people and impact their choices. I have a very good habit of reading and when I read some blogs some of the bloggers inspired me by their articles and impacted my choices.

This is when I started to think about starting a blog to share some of my knowledge and thoughts. This makes me connect you all and also helps us to grow by knowing and sharing interesting stuff.

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