I being fan of gaming play tons of games and these games are so much magnetic that I could continue playing them day and night ! Damnn so addicted.

I was recently browsing through YouTube and at the homepage I could only see most gaming channels and gaming videos and in the trending section the game videos had so many channels , that’s when I understood online gaming is becoming most popular in this growing Era.

I watch a lot of gaming videos and they are never boring to watch . The live streaming of the gaming videos OMG always entertaining.

My some of the favorite games are:

  • Minecraft: All of the gaming youtubers play this. Though I never played this game but I love watching the videos. If you watch this game videos then you would definitely download the game and play it . That’s how they market and attract you to this game.
  • GTA-5: I frankly tell you I didnt play this game either but secretly admire this games by watching just videos hahaha. This game has a lot of stunts which actually is very addictive.

  • AMONG US: This is my game I’ve played so far which is an interesting logic game having superb map and characters.

At one moment after seeing these YouTube videos I thought of starting my own gaming channel but then I came out of the illusionary dream and thought of finally writing a blog about it.

The online mode replaced the outdoor games where kids used to play and at the same time maintain their health and physique.Online games make the kids being fit into fat in simpler words.

I love playing and watching gaming videos . What about you guys? If not tried check it out and have fun.

5 thoughts on “GAMING : THE RIDE IN OUR HAND

  1. Heyy sahitiiii…nyc topic🤩…u did grt job
    Btw as u know, coz I’m a sweet and silent person😌…I’m not much interested in fighting games… I use to play mind games & my fav candy crush😛…

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  2. Yup, I agree that online multiplayer gaming has replaced outdoor games.
    Especially during the lockdown. Plying pubg or amount is with friends was a replacement for hanging out with them. This did greatly help during the lockdown when I didn’t get to see them in person.

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  3. Hey dude online games is more fun … during lockdown I used to play alot …. especially among us …. it’s fun to read makes me feel like wanna play right now💃🏻 … . very good topic 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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