Writing a blog takes a lot of time right?

Every time I start writing a blog it takes a lot of time thinking what to write.

If you see my most addicted apps the top will be You tube. I watch it half of the day and never get tired of it. Once I was checking the stats for my blogs and found that the traffic for it is very low. Even after posting 5 blogs there was not much people who visited . I Ww demotivated, so much that I wanted to quit word press.

As I loved watching You tube, I knew that it is a well known platform for expressing ourselves. So I thought why not start a you tube channel ?

I had content to publish in mind and I was so confident that it would be successful that I started working hard for it, worked the whole day to record and edit it but due to some camera positioning issue I couldn’t post it.

The next day I thought to record it once again but then my sister told that you don’t have any one fixed content as other you tubers and you want to upload videos, people wont watch it. She added, you just started writing blogs and its not much of a time to increase your trafficking so don’t be demotivated. If you post more blogs and promote is when people will know about you and they will start visiting.

I was so pissed of with blogs that I dint want to hear a word about it but reconsidering about it seemed a bit logical. I also read somewhere that after “Nothing worth having comes easy”

I stopped thinking of you tube and started focusing more on blogs. Erased my negative thoughts and started to think positive.

Always remember “Trust is knowing that we’re exactly where we are supposed to be in life , especially when it doesn’t feel like it”.

“Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

-Willie Nelson

In this lockdown due to online mode of working our lifestyles have changed and this makes us demotivated most of the times, but this lifestyle is not permanent ,it is temporary. We will get to our old lifestyle soon but till then we have to stay positive and motivated.

Have hope and stay positive folks .I know the situation due to Covid is very scary and Unpredictable. No matter how hard the situation around you is you need to decide if you should be a part of the “problem” or be part of the “solution”.

Remember that this will be end soon…


  1. Woow positive vibes …nice motivation..much needed for me I guess 😇..stick to the work that makes you happy there would be nothing more positive that that….looking forward for more blogs sahi ❤😌

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  2. Hey sahitiiii…i admire your blogging ideas and love to read it…its really interesting…follow ur dreams and sky will be urs bae😉

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  3. Great post! I think sometimes we feel demotivated because we forget how much our goal means/meant to us but reigniting that passion helps us stay focused and motivated.

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  4. Blogging needs patience and time. My blog didn’t get many views even after 5 months of starting my blog, but I didn’t lose patience. Just focus on content and quality, your blog will certainly start getting bloggers’ attention.

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